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  1. #12778 Picture of a Car Accident on a Rainy Day by JVPD
    Car Accident On A Rainy Day
  2. #16184 Picture of an African American Caricature Man Holding a Tobacco Pack by JVPD
    African American Caricature Man Holding A Tobacco Pack
  3. #11674 Picture of the Interior of Jesuits’ Church, Venice by JVPD
    Interior Of Jesuits Church Venice
  4. #9852 Picture of Children Playing With Toys by JVPD
    Children Playing With Toys
  5. #9543 Picture of Three Lumberjacks by JVPD
    Three Lumberjacks
  6. #1474 Photo of Men Making Prosthetic Legs in an Artificial Limb Shop, 1916 by JVPD
    Men Making Prosthetic Legs In An Artificial Limb Shop 1916
  7. #11325 Picture of a KKK Ceremony by JVPD
    Kkk Ceremony
  8. #9732 Picture of Fountain Coutan, Eiffel Tower, and Trocadero Palace by JVPD
    Fountain Coutan Eiffel Tower And Trocadero Palace
  9. #12349 Picture of American Flag Day in 1917 by JVPD
    American Flag Day In 1917
  10. #19180 Photo of Men Working in an Aluminum Factory, Boring Holes in Armour by JVPD
    Men Working In An Aluminum Factory Boring Holes In Armour
  11. #43471 RF Stock Photo Of Light Shining Down On Shoppers In A Jerusalem Market, Israel by JVPD
    Light Shining Down On Shoppers In A Jerusalem Market Israel
  12. #48813 Royalty-Free Stock Photo Of A Black And White Scene Of The Maid Of The Mist Under Horseshoe Falls From Goat Island by JVPD
    Black And White Scene Of The Maid Of The Mist Under Horseshoe Falls From Goat Island
  13. #19245 Photo of the Artificial Palm Island, Palm Jumeirah, on the Persian Gulf in Dubai by JVPD
    Artificial Palm Island Palm Jumeirah On The Persian Gulf In Dubai
  14. #1496 Pilgrims Signing the Mayflower Compact by JVPD
    Pilgrims Signing The Mayflower Compact
  15. #9067 Picture of a Soldier in Full Camouflage by JVPD
    Soldier In Full Camouflage
  16. #14278 Picture of the Jeremiah Nunan House, Jacksonville, Oregon by JVPD
    Jeremiah Nunan House Jacksonville Oregon
  17. #7178 Stock Image: Stars Come Out, Sioux Indian by JVPD
    Stars Come Out Sioux Indian
  18. #10618 Picture of Susan B Anthony With a Votes For Women Flag by JVPD
    Susan B Anthony With A Votes For Women Flag
  19. #11436 Picture of Marines Raising the American Flag by JVPD
    Marines Raising The American Flag
  20. #1271 Black and White Photo of W.E.B. Du Bois, William Edward Burghardt Du Bois by JVPD
    WEB Du Bois William Edward Burghardt Du Bois
  21. #9135 Image of Women During Tap Dance Class in 1942 by JVPD
    Tap Dance Class In 1942
  22. #20222 Stock Photography: George Washington crossing the Delaware River in a Boat by JVPD
    George Washington Crossing The Delaware River In A Boat
  23. #1952 Harriet Tubman by JVPD
    Harriet Tubman
  24. #12282 Picture of Benjamin Franklin With Fur Hat and Glasses by JVPD
    Benjamin Franklin With Fur Hat And Glasses
  25. #17198 Picture of a Pair of Wood Ducks (Aix Sponsa), Male And Female) on a Log Over Water by JVPD
    Pair Of Wood Ducks Aix Sponsa Male And Female On A Log Over Water
  26. #16484 Picture of a Mother Over a Bassinette, Kissing Her Baby by JVPD
    Mother Over A Bassinette Kissing Her Baby
  27. #20840 Stock Photography of a Hamper, Sink, Clawfoot Bath Tub, Toilet and Vanity in a Large Bathroom  at the Harrison Gray Otis House on Beacon Hill in Boston, Massachusetts by JVPD
    A Hamper Sink Clawfoot Bath Tub Toilet And Vanity In A Large Bathroom At The Harrison Gray Otis House On Beacon Hil...
  28. #17157 Picture of One Whole Sub Sandwich Made With Tomatoes, Lettuce, Ham and Swiss Cheese by JVPD
    One Whole Sub Sandwich Made With Tomatoes Lettuce Ham And Swiss Cheese
  29. #19260 Photo of a Nude Woman Lying Over a Stream, Biblis by William-Adolphe Bouguereau by JVPD
    Nude Woman Lying Over A Stream Biblis By William-Adolphe Bouguereau
  30. #48821 Royalty-Free Stock Photo Of People Walking Through The Snow Towards An Icy Mountain At Niagara Falls In Winter by JVPD
    People Walking Through The Snow Towards An Icy Mountain At Niagara Falls In Winter
  31. #19155 Photo of a Girl Holding a Mirror For a Beautiful Woman, Light of the Harem by Frederic Lord Leighton by JVPD
    Girl Holding A Mirror For A Beautiful Woman Light Of The Harem By Frederic Lord Leighton
  32. #12285 Picture of Benjamin Franklin Seated in a Sedan Chair, Speaking With 3 Women and a Man With Two American Indians in the Background by JVPD
    Benjamin Franklin Seated In A Sedan Chair Speaking With 3 Women And A Man With Two American Indians In The Backgrou...
  33. #18572 Photo of a Nude Woman Floating on Ocean Waves, Cherubs Above Her, The Birth of Venus by Alexandre Cabanel by JVPD
    Nude Woman Floating On Ocean Waves Cherubs Above Her The Birth Of Venus By Alexandre Cabanel
  34. #14701 Picture of a Gray Wolf, Timber Wolf (Canis lupus) by JVPD
    Gray Wolf Timber Wolf Canis Lupus
  35. #21011 Clipart Image Illustration of a Bigmouth Buffalo Fish (Ictiobus cyprinellus) by JVPD
    A Bigmouth Buffalo Fish Ictiobus Cyprinellus
  36. #7163 Stock Image: Amos Two Bulls, Sioux Native American Indian by JVPD
    Amos Two Bulls Sioux Native American Indian
  37. #20262 Historical Stock Photography: the Body of Abraham Lincoln Lying in State at the City Hall, 1865 by JVPD
    The Body Of Abraham Lincoln Lying In State At The City Hall 1865
  38. #13149 Picture of the Commonwealth Statue on the Pennsylvania State Quarter by JVPD
    Commonwealth Statue On The Pennsylvania State Quarter
  39. #13190 Picture of a Map of Georgia of the United States of America by JVPD
    Map Of Georgia Of The United States Of America
  40. #13743 Picture of the Rotunda Painting of Apotheosis of Washington, by Constantino Brumidi by JVPD
    Rotunda Painting Of Apotheosis Of Washington By Constantino Brumidi
  41. #19328 Photo of a Patriotic Boy Leaning an American Flag Pole on His Chest, Clenching His Fists by JVPD
    Patriotic Boy Leaning An American Flag Pole On His Chest Clenching His Fists
  42. #7579 Picture of Columbia on an Eagle, Holding Flag, Followed by Airplanes by JVPD
    Columbia On An Eagle Holding Flag Followed By Airplanes
  43. #20711 Stock Photography of an African American Man Sitting in a Chair and Playing a Banjo on His Knee by JVPD
    African American Man Sitting In A Chair And Playing A Banjo On His Knee
  44. #1284 Stock Photo of President Lyndon B. Johnson and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by JVPD
    Lyndon B Johnson And Martin Luther King Jr
  45. #20307 Historical Stock Photo of James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, John Quincy Adams and George Washington, American Presidents by JVPD
    James Monroe Thomas Jefferson John Adams James Madison John Quincy Adams And George Washington American Presidents
  46. #14199 Picture of Teasel, Teazel, Teazle (Dipsacus fullonum) by JVPD
    Teasel Teazel Teazle Dipsacus Fullonum
  47. #18622 Photo of Winged Angels and Cherubs in Prayer at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ by JVPD
    Winged Angels And Cherubs In Prayer At The Sacred Heart Of Jesus Christ
  48. #11006 Picture of a Chain Gang of African American Prisoners by JVPD
    Chain Gang Of African American Prisoners
  49. #19001 Photo of a Man and Woman Embracing and Kissing Passionately, Romeo and Juliet by JVPD
    Man And Woman Embracing And Kissing Passionately Romeo And Juliet
  50. #61920 Clipart Of A Curious Rabbit - Royalty Free Vector Illustration by JVPD
    Curious Rabbit
  51. #19015 Photo of a Nude Woman Reclined on a Rock, Dipping Her Feet in Water, by Francesco Hayez by JVPD
    Nude Woman Reclined On A Rock Dipping Her Feet In Water By Francesco Hayez
  52. #8643 Picture of Astronaut Kalpana Chawla by JVPD
    Astronaut Kalpana Chawla
  53. #2035 Lewis Payne, in Sweater, Seated and Manacled by JVPD
    Lewis Payne In Sweater Seated And Manacled
  54. #14424 Picture of the Golden Gate, Gate of Mercy, Gate of Eternal Life, and Beautiful Gate, Jerusalem by JVPD
    Golden Gate Gate Of Mercy Gate Of Eternal Life And Beautiful Gate Jerusalem
  55. #13463 Picture of a Fashion Model Wearing a Dress Submerged Under Water by JVPD
    Fashion Model Wearing A Dress Submerged Under Water
  56. #41039 Stock Photo Of A Team Of Horses Pulling A Carriage While Crossing The Santa Ynez River In California by JVPD
    Team Of Horses Pulling A Carriage While Crossing The Santa Ynez River In California
  57. #10833 Picture of Andrew Carnegie and Wife by JVPD
    Andrew Carnegie And Wife
  58. #11223 Picture of William Frederick Cody (Buffalo Bill) by JVPD
    William Frederick Cody Buffalo Bill
  59. #21284 Stock Photography of the Color Version of Molly Pitcher Firing a Cannon at the Battle of Monmouth During the Battle of Monmouth of the American Revolutionary War, 1778 by JVPD
    The Color Version Of Molly Pitcher Firing A Cannon At The Battle Of Monmouth During The Battle Of Monmouth Of The A...
  60. #27463 Illustration of Christopher Columbus With Natives From The New World, Standing Proudly Before The King And Queen Of Spain, King Ferdinand And Queen Isabella, At The Court Of Barcelona, Spain In February Of 1493 by JVPD
    Christopher Columbus With Natives From The New World Standing Proudly Before The King And Queen Of Spain King Ferdi...
  61. #22033 Stock Photography of the Royal Albert Brunel Saltash Bridge Spanning the River Tamar in Plymouth, Devon, UK by JVPD
    Royal Albert Brunel Saltash Bridge Spanning The River Tamar In Plymouth Devon Uk
  62. #13406 Picture of the Starry Night over the Rhone Painting by Van Gogh by JVPD
    Starry Night Over The Rhone Painting By Van Gogh
  63. #17229 Illustrated Clip-art of a Compilation of Birds Including Herons, Spoonbills, and Egrets by JVPD
    Compilation Of Birds Including Herons Spoonbills And Egrets
  64. #11023 Picture of a Portrait of Henry Ford by JVPD
    Portrait Of Henry Ford
  65. #43224 RF Illustration Of A Knight On A White Horse, Battling A Green Dragon by JVPD
    Knight On A White Horse Battling A Green Dragon
  66. #18782 Photo of a Class of Students at Hampton Institute, Studying Astronomy by JVPD
    Class Of Students At Hampton Institute Studying Astronomy
  67. #5021 Stock Photography of Hemorrhagic Meningitis due to the Fatal Inhalation Anthrax by JVPD
    Hemorrhagic Meningitis Due To The Fatal Inhalation Anthrax
  68. #21421 Stock Photography of the Actress Sarah Bernhardt in a Diving Suit While Playing the Role of the Ocean Empress by JVPD
    The Actress Sarah Bernhardt In A Diving Suit While Playing The Role Of The Ocean Empress
  69. #43480 RF Stock Photo Of A Bedouin Man In Profile by JVPD
    Bedouin Man In Profile
  70. #25723 Stock Photography of the Brave Soldier, Crispus Attucks Who Was Killed During the Boston Massacre During the American Revolutionary War by JVPD
    The Brave Soldier Crispus Attucks Who Was Killed During The Boston Massacre During The American Revolutionary War
  71. #61933 Clipart Of A Crescent Moon In Black And White - Royalty Free Vector Illustration by JVPD
    Crescent Moon In Black And White
  72. #1637 Illustration of Christoper Columbus and His Crew Leaving the Port of Palos, Spain by JVPD
    Christoper Columbus And His Crew Leaving The Port Of Palos Spain
  73. #41096 Stock Photo Of People Standing On Top Of Jupiter Terrace In Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming by JVPD
    People Standing On Top Of Jupiter Terrace In Yellowstone National Park Wyoming
  74. #8128 Picture of Ulysses S Grant Cartoon by JVPD
    Ulysses S Grant Cartoon
  75. #19957 Stock Picture of Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin in Space Suits by JVPD
    Neil Armstrong Michael Collins And Buzz Aldrin In Space Suits
  76. #5680 Oil Well, Oklahoma by JVPD
    Oil Well Oklahoma
  77. #11439 Picture of US Marines Recruiting by JVPD
    Us Marines Recruiting
  78. #8782 Picture of Babe Ruth’s Wife by JVPD
    Babe RuthS Wife
  79. #1446 Rene de Laudonniere and the Florida Indians by JVPD
    Rene De Laudonniere And The Florida Indians
  80. #19333 Photo of School Students in Bleachers, Forming the American Flag in 1910 by JVPD
    School Students In Bleachers Forming The American Flag In 1910
  81. #40911 Stock Photo of a Native American Couple, Jose Jesus And His Wife, Standing by JVPD
    Native American Couple Jose Jesus And His Wife Standing
  82. #43481 RF Stock Photo Of A Stone Arch And Steps Through A Street Alley In Jerusalem, Israel by JVPD
    Stone Arch And Steps Through A Street Alley In Jerusalem Israel
  83. #1516 Pilgrims Going to Church in Winter by JVPD
    Pilgrims Going To Church In Winter
  84. #15968 Picture of a Copperhead Snake by JVPD
    Copperhead Snake
  85. #16489 Picture of a Little Girl, Boy and Dog at Their Mother’s Grave by JVPD
    Little Girl Boy And Dog At Their MotherS Grave
  86. #20311 Historical Photograph of the 19th President Rutherford B Hayes and Lucy Webb Hayes by JVPD
    19th President Rutherford B Hayes And Lucy Webb Hayes
  87. #10928 Picture of a Riveter Woman Assembling an Airplane by JVPD
    Riveter Woman Assembling An Airplane
  88. #6895 Ascidiae, Ascidians, Sea Squirts by JVPD
    Ascidiae Ascidians Sea Squirts
  89. #12237 Picture of Jefferson Davis in Military Uniform by JVPD
    Jefferson Davis In Military Uniform
  90. #21612 Stock Photography of the Interior of a Barber Shop in Atlanta, Georgia, 1936 by JVPD
    Interior Of A Barber Shop In Atlanta Georgia 1936
  91. #7631 Picture of the Kennedy Family at the Wedding of John and Jackie by JVPD
    Kennedy Family At The Wedding Of John And Jackie
  92. #14669 Picture of Rosie the Riveter on a White Background, Black and White by JVPD
    Rosie The Riveter On A White Background Black And White
  93. #15513 Picture of a Round Goby (Neogobius melanostomus) by JVPD
    Round Goby Neogobius Melanostomus
  94. #17338 Picture of a Barracuda Eating a Fish by JVPD
    Barracuda Eating A Fish
  95. #17181 Picture of One Pygmy Horned Lizard/Short-horned Lizard (Phrynosoma douglasi by JVPD
    One Pygmy Horned LizardShort-Horned Lizard Phrynosoma Douglasi
  96. #61921 Clipart Of A Happy Alert Rabbit - Royalty Free Vector Illustration by JVPD
    Happy Alert Rabbit
  97. #2340 Mending the Family Kettle by JVPD
    Mending The Family Kettle
  98. #20877 Stock Photography of Furniture and Window in the Second Floor Hallway of the Queen Anne Victorian William Carson Mansion House, Eureka, California by JVPD
    Furniture And Window In The Second Floor Hallway Of The Queen Anne Victorian William Carson Mansion House Eureka Ca...
  99. #17624 Picture of Mahalia Jackson, Gospel Singer by JVPD
    Mahalia Jackson Gospel Singer
  100. #7302 Creek Indian Chief, Tustennuggee Emathla or Jim Boy by JVPD
    Creek Indian Chief Tustennuggee Emathla Or Jim Boy

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