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  1. #8435 Picture of a Whipping Post and Pillory by JVPD
    Whipping Post And Pillory
  2. #19210 Photo of Cars Near a Steel Mill Under Construction, Geneva, Utah, 1942 by JVPD
    Cars Near A Steel Mill Under Construction Geneva Utah 1942
  3. #14107 Picture of Cowslip (Primula veris) by JVPD
    Cowslip Primula Veris
  4. #17187 Picture of Two Female and One Male Mallard Ducks Wading in a Row in a Wetla by JVPD
    Two Female And One Male Mallard Ducks Wading In A Row In A Wetla
  5. #13131 Picture of The Old Man of the Mountain Formation on the New Hampshire State Quarter by JVPD
    The Old Man Of The Mountain Formation On The New Hampshire State Quarter
  6. #14390 Picture of a Man Carrying an Animal Carcass on His Back, Jerusalem by JVPD
    Man Carrying An Animal Carcass On His Back Jerusalem
  7. #19264 Photo of a Woman Kneeling by a Wall, Drinking Water From a Jar, by William-Adolphe Bouguereau by JVPD
    Woman Kneeling By A Wall Drinking Water From A Jar By William-Adolphe Bouguereau
  8. #2551 Gerald Ford and His Dog, Liberty by JVPD
    Gerald Ford And His Dog Liberty
  9. #13460 Picture of a Young Caucasian Woman in a Tennis Uniform, Sitting on a Balcony by JVPD
    Young Caucasian Woman In A Tennis Uniform Sitting On A Balcony
  10. #10929 Picture of a Riveter Operating a Riveting Machine by JVPD
    Riveter Operating A Riveting Machine
  11. #15538 Picture of a Longnose Sucker Fish (Catostomus catostomus) by JVPD
    Longnose Sucker Fish Catostomus Catostomus
  12. #61667 Clipart Of A Boy Cupping His Ear In Black And White - Royalty Free Vector Illustration by JVPD
    Boy Cupping His Ear In Black And White
  13. #20794 Stock Photography of a Store Window Display of Radios by JVPD
    A Store Window Display Of Radios
  14. #11333 Picture of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Paradise by JVPD
    Adam And Eve In The Garden Of Paradise
  15. #1459 Henry Hudson Abandoned by His Crew by JVPD
    Henry Hudson Abandoned By His Crew
  16. #7411 Stock Image of Beatrice Kyle, AKA Bee Kyle by JVPD
    Beatrice Kyle Aka Bee Kyle
  17. #18726 Photo of Planet 90377 Sedna by JVPD
    Planet 90377 Sedna
  18. #5977 Piegan Indian, Mountain Chief and Phonograph by JVPD
    Piegan Indian Mountain Chief And Phonograph
  19. #1881 Uncle Sam - I Want You For US Army by JVPD
    Uncle Sam - I Want You For Us Army
  20. #18620 Photo of an Easter Cross With Scenes From the Bible and Children With Easter Eggs by JVPD
    Easter Cross With Scenes From The Bible And Children With Easter Eggs
  21. #11985 Picture of the Bernese Alps in Switzerland by JVPD
    Bernese Alps In Switzerland
  22. #1788 Interior of the Old Jersey Prison Ship by JVPD
    Interior Of The Old Jersey Prison Ship
  23. #21326 Stock Photography of Gladys Louise Smith, Known as Mary Pickford, Leaning Against a Mirror Looking at Her Reflection by JVPD
    Gladys Louise Smith Known As Mary Pickford Leaning Against A Mirror Looking At Her Reflection
  24. #5611 Kimberley Diamond Mine by JVPD
    Kimberley Diamond Mine
  25. #7947 Picture of President Theodore Roosevelt and Train by JVPD
    President Theodore Roosevelt And Train
  26. #5233 Family of Titanic Survivors by JVPD
    Family Of Titanic Survivors
  27. #61051 Royalty-Free Historical Illustration Of A Sepia Engraving Of Fans Watching A Boston Braves Baseball Game by JVPD
    Sepia Engraving Of Fans Watching A Boston Braves Baseball Game
  28. #26805 Stock Photography of the Factory of Burroughs Wellcome Chemical Works in Dartford, Kent, London, England, United Kingdom by JVPD
    The Factory Of Burroughs Wellcome Chemical Works In Dartford Kent London England United Kingdom
  29. #5888 Woman Resting on Sofa by JVPD
    Woman Resting On Sofa
  30. #7937 Picture of Jack and the Wall Street Giants by JVPD
    Jack And The Wall Street Giants
  31. #61047 Royalty-Free Historical Illustration Of An Aerial View Of Boston As Seen From The North by JVPD
    Aerial View Of Boston As Seen From The North
  32. #15606 Picture of White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) With Antlers by JVPD
    White-Tailed Deer Odocoileus Virginianus With Antlers
  33. #12309 Photo of a Man and Women on a Balcony, Viewing Mount Fuji in a Snowy Landscape, Japan by JVPD
    Man And Women On A Balcony Viewing Mount Fuji In A Snowy Landscape Japan
  34. #15649 Picture of a Common Muskrat, Musquash, Swamp Bunny (Ondatra zibethicus) by JVPD
    Common Muskrat Musquash Swamp Bunny Ondatra Zibethicus
  35. #35678 Stock Photo Of Jozef Kazimierz Hofmann As A Child, Standing In The Snow With A Sled by JVPD
    Jozef Kazimierz Hofmann As A Child Standing In The Snow With A Sled
  36. #7345 Stock Image of th Fate of the Rebel Flag by JVPD
    Fate Of The Rebel Flag
  37. #20324 American History Stock Photo of American President Woodrow Wilson by JVPD
    American President Woodrow Wilson
  38. #2918 Five Members of Ola Self-Help Sawmill Co-Op by JVPD
    Five Members Of Ola Self-Help Sawmill Co-Op
  39. #3193 Child Migrant Worker by JVPD
    Child Migrant Worker
  40. #20973 Clipart Image Illustration of an American or Mississippi Paddlefish (Polyodon spathula) by JVPD
    An American Or Mississippi Paddlefish Polyodon Spathula
  41. #12808 Picture of a Woman Driving a Car With Her Dog by JVPD
    Woman Driving A Car With Her Dog
  42. #3097 Daughter of Migrant Coal Miner by JVPD
    Daughter Of Migrant Coal Miner
  43. #14041 Picture of Wild Parsnip (Pastinaca sativa) by JVPD
    Wild Parsnip Pastinaca Sativa
  44. #20524 Stock Photography of a Person With Sap Buckets Under Maple Trees Near Camel’s Hump Mountain on the Vermont State Quarter by JVPD
    Person With Sap Buckets Under Maple Trees Near CamelS Hump Mountain On The Vermont State Quarter
  45. #19814 Photo of Red Butterfly Weed Flowers by JVPD
    Red Butterfly Weed Flowers
  46. #19332 Photo of a Man Rescuing a Girl, Possibly His Daugher, From a Shipwreck in a Stormy Sea, c 1878 by JVPD
    Man Rescuing A Girl Possibly His Daugher From A Shipwreck In A Stormy Sea C 1878
  47. #1443 Florida Indians Fighting by JVPD
    Florida Indians Fighting
  48. #6429 Photo of a Breaking Wave at Satta Point on Suruga Bay, Japan, With a View of Mt Fuji by JVPD
    Breaking Wave At Satta Point On Suruga Bay Japan With A View Of Mt Fuji
  49. #5008 Stock Photography of a Blood Agar Culture Plate Growing Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax) by JVPD
    Blood Agar Culture Plate Growing Bacillus Anthracis Anthrax
  50. #12850 Picture of Florence Nightingale by JVPD
    Florence Nightingale
  51. #1893 Uncle Sam Against A Backdrop Of Military Troops And The American Flag, Offering A Rifle by JVPD
    Uncle Sam Against A Backdrop Of Military Troops And The American Flag Offering A Rifle
  52. #7939 Picture of Roosevelt With Elephant He Just Killed by JVPD
    Roosevelt With Elephant He Just Killed
  53. #2135 President and Mrs. Coolidge With Their Sons and Dog by JVPD
    President And Mrs Coolidge With Their Sons And Dog
  54. #11387 Picture of Jack Johnson in a Suit by JVPD
    Jack Johnson In A Suit
  55. #35630 Stock Photo of Oscar Wilde In A Coat, Sitting In A Chair With His Hand Touching His Face, Holding A Walking Stick by JVPD
    Oscar Wilde In A Coat Sitting In A Chair With His Hand Touching His Face Holding A Walking Stick
  56. #6099 Miwok Spear Fishing by JVPD
    Miwok Spear Fishing
  57. #61471 Retro Clipart Of A Vintage Teen Girl With Folded Arms And An Angry Expression In Black And White - Royalty Free Vector Illustration by JVPD
    Vintage Teen Girl With Folded Arms And An Angry Expression In Black And White
  58. #5996 Inuit Mother by JVPD
    Inuit Mother
  59. #61332 Retro Clipart Of A Vintage Wooden Food Storage Bin In Black And White - Royalty Free Vector Illustration by JVPD
    Vintage Wooden Food Storage Bin In Black And White
  60. #20527 Stock Photography of a Peregrine Falcon and State Outline on the Idaho State Quarter by JVPD
    A Peregrine Falcon And State Outline On The Idaho State Quarter
  61. #17110 Picture of a Glass of Frothy Root Beer Soda and a Straw Over a White Background by JVPD
    Glass Of Frothy Root Beer Soda And A Straw Over A White Background
  62. #8543 Picture of the Mud Run Train Disaster by JVPD
    Mud Run Train Disaster
  63. #18788 Photo of a Young Man Wearing Grapes and Leaves on His Head, Holding a Glass of Red Wine, Seated by Fruit by JVPD
    Young Man Wearing Grapes And Leaves On His Head Holding A Glass Of Red Wine Seated By Fruit
  64. #18582 Photo of People Gathering at a Small Village Church on a Snowy Christmas Eve by JVPD
    People Gathering At A Small Village Church On A Snowy Christmas Eve
  65. #61727 Clipart Of A Barn And Silo In Black And White - Royalty Free Vector Illustration by JVPD
    Barn And Silo In Black And White
  66. #36183 Stock Photo Of An A-10 Thunderbolt II Flying A Close-Air-Support Mission Over Afghanistan by JVPD
    An A-10 Thunderbolt Ii Flying A Close-Air-Support Mission Over Afghanistan
  67. #9832 Picture of a Bear Pulling a Sled by JVPD
    Bear Pulling A Sled
  68. #8099 Picture of Soldier’s Discharge Certificate by JVPD
    SoldierS Discharge Certificate
  69. #18443 Photo of Milk Vendors With a Dog Pulling a Cart, Brussels, Belgium by JVPD
    Milk Vendors With A Dog Pulling A Cart Brussels Belgium
  70. #7195 Stock Image: Sioux Native American Man, Bear Foot by JVPD
    Sioux Native American Man Bear Foot
  71. #16176 Picture of an Alexandre Gustave Eiffel Caricature of Him as the Eiffel Tower by JVPD
    Alexandre Gustave Eiffel Caricature Of Him As The Eiffel Tower
  72. #22251 Historical Stock Photography of the Royal National Hospital, Now the Ventnor Botanic Garden, in Ventnor Isle of Wight England UK by JVPD
    The Royal National Hospital Now The Ventnor Botanic Garden In Ventnor Isle Of Wight England Uk
  73. #6210 Sego, Shoshone Indian by JVPD
    Sego Shoshone Indian
  74. #12892 Picture of the Throne Room of Fontainebleau Palace by JVPD
    Throne Room Of Fontainebleau Palace
  75. #12898 Picture of the Throne Room, Miramar, Istria, Austro-Hungary by JVPD
    Throne Room Miramar Istria Austro-Hungary
  76. #12900 Picture of a Woman Inspecting Gasoline Hoses by JVPD
    Woman Inspecting Gasoline Hoses
  77. #5230 Survivors in Titanic Life Boats by JVPD
    Survivors In Titanic Life Boats
  78. #8080 Picture of Constellations of Dog, Rabbit, Dove by JVPD
    Constellations Of Dog Rabbit Dove
  79. #4964 House of Vetti in Pompeii by JVPD
    House Of Vetti In Pompeii
  80. #14104 Picture of Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) by JVPD
    Lemon Balm Melissa Officinalis
  81. #18605 Photo of Various Scenes of the Life of Jesus Christ by JVPD
    Various Scenes Of The Life Of Jesus Christ
  82. #17608 Picture of a Rock Boring Sea Urchin (Echinometra mathaei) by JVPD
    Rock Boring Sea Urchin Echinometra Mathaei
  83. #4840 Male Eskimo Profile by JVPD
    Male Eskimo Profile
  84. #11282 Picture of a Girl With a Smart Horse by JVPD
    Girl With A Smart Horse
  85. #2333 The Cruel Uncle and the Vetoed Babes in the Wood by JVPD
    The Cruel Uncle And The Vetoed Babes In The Wood
  86. #13425 Picture of an Elegant Bedroom, Bey of Tunis, Kasr-el-Said, Tunisia by JVPD
    Elegant Bedroom Bey Of Tunis Kasr-El-Said Tunisia
  87. #11147 Picture of a Lion, Statue of Liberty and Bartholdi by JVPD
    Lion Statue Of Liberty And Bartholdi
  88. #18574 Photo of Jesus Christ Handing the Keys to Heaven to Apostle Peter by JVPD
    Jesus Christ Handing The Keys To Heaven To Apostle Peter
  89. #12724 Picture of a Horse Drawn Carriage in 1904 by JVPD
    Horse Drawn Carriage In 1904
  90. #12766 Picture of a Photographer and Camera Suspended Above a Town by JVPD
    Photographer And Camera Suspended Above A Town
  91. #7213 Stock Image: Has No Horses, Sioux Indian by JVPD
    Stock Image Has No Horses Sioux Indian
  92. #13644 Picture of Helgoland (Heligoland), Germany by JVPD
    Helgoland Heligoland Germany
  93. #21600 Stock Photography of an Old Fashioned Mailbox in the Munsey Building by JVPD
    Old Fashioned Mailbox In The Munsey Building
  94. #5322 Picture of a  Laboratory Technician Using a Cetus Propette to Collect Scientific Data by JVPD
    Laboratory Technician Using A Cetus Propette To Collect Scientific Data - 1980
  95. #5224 Titanic Survivors on RMS Carpathia by JVPD
    Titanic Survivors On Rms Carpathia
  96. #13825 Picture of Star of Bethlehem Flowers (Ornithogalum nutans) by JVPD
    Star Of Bethlehem Flowers Ornithogalum Nutans
  97. #14150 Picture of Deadly Nightshade, Belladonna, Dwale (Atropa belladonna) by JVPD
    Deadly Nightshade Belladonna Dwale Atropa Belladonna
  98. #19184 Photo of Male Factory Workers Wrapping and Packaging Pistons for Shipment by JVPD
    Male Factory Workers Wrapping And Packaging Pistons For Shipment
  99. #1744 Washington Receiving a Salute on the Field of Trenton by JVPD
    Washington Receiving A Salute On The Field Of Trenton
  100. #12275 Picture of Aconitum, Aconite, Monkshood, Wolfsbane by JVPD
    Aconitum Aconite Monkshood Wolfsbane

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