Perspective View of Venus #2608

#2608 Perspective View of Venus by JVPD
This perspective view of Venus, generated by computer from Magellan data and color-coded with emissivity, shows the boundary between the lowland plains and characteristic Venusian highland terrain in Ovda Regio, the western part of the great equatorial highland called Aphrodite Terra. The conical "dimples" in the foreground are not real features, but artifacts resulting from erroneous altimeter measurements. Their size gives an idea of the horizontal resolution of the altimeter. The view is perpendicular to the northern boundary of Ovda. Whereas the foreground lowlands are made up of overlapping, relatively dark and unfractured lava flows, the highlands consist mainly of "tessera terrain". The tectonic pattern of the tesserae in this image is of intermediate complexity, consisting of east-west trending ridges cut by north-south fractures. Isolated areas in the lowlands (between the smoothest lava flows) contain similarly trending fractures and may be islands of tessera terrain. Magellan MIDR quadrangle containing this image: C1-00N129. Image resolution (m): 225. Size of region shown (E-W x N-S, in km): 1013 x 1013. Range of emissivities from violet to red: 0.41 -- 0.91. Vertical exaggeration: 50. Azimuth of viewpoint (deg clockwise from East): 225. Elevation of viewpoint (km): 500. *Quadrangle name indicates approximate center latitude (N=north, S=south) and center longitude (East).

Photo Credit: U.S. Geological Survey [0003-0612-3002-3912] by 0003

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