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Free Picture: Corn Flour Products

Free Picture of Corn Flour Products

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Scott Bauer photograph of corn flour products; steak fajitas, tortilla chips, and tacos. The hearty flavor of corn flour products like tortillas and taco shells is largely the work of a natural compound identified by ARS scientists. They have pinpointed 2-amino-acetophenone as key to flavor and aroma of yellow corn tortilla flour. Twenty taste panelists were enlisted to nose out the correct compound from a field of 30. The information can help foodmakers check the quality of their products. Ever consider growing your own fiery cayenne pepper? We've bred a new hot pepper that's 20 times hotter than the typical cayenne, and it's ideal for growing in the home garden One plant will produce at least 134 pepper pods, and it grows just about anywhere in the United States.

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