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Free Picture: French Fry with Salt and Ketchup

Free Picture of French Fry with Salt and Ketchup

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Picture of a salty french fry with salt.

Information about French Fries
French fried potatoes are commonly known as French fries or just fries in North America and they are known as "chips" in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Commonwealth. French fried potatoes are pieces of potato that have been cut into batons and deep fried in a grease cooking fryer. Where "chips" is the common term, "French fries" usually refers to the thin variant (United States, "shoe string potatoes"). In North America "chips" usually means potato chips (called "crisps" in the UK), which are deep-fried thin slices of potato. In Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and some areas of the United Kingdom, "chips" can mean either potato chips, or French fried potatoes which are also called "hot chips" or (in South Africa) "slap chips" (IPA [slup]; "slup" is Afrikaans for "soft").

French-fried potatoes were most likely invented in France or Belgium during the 18th century, and the name "French" was applied to them in English in the 19th century. However, there are various more-or-less plausible alternative theories.

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