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Free Farm machinery Pictures   1-35

Crop After Prescribed Fire Crop After Prescribed Fire
Pigeon Launcher Pigeon Launcher
Windrowing Wheat Windrowing Wheat
Applying Pesticide to Rapeseed Crop Applying Pesticide to Rapeseed Crop
Making Cheddar Cheese Making Cheddar Cheese
Biosafety Level 2 Pilot Plant Biosafety Level 2 Pilot Plant
Operating a Combine Operating a Combine
Rotating Boom Rainfall Simulator Rotating Boom Rainfall Simulator
Recording Water Depths Recording Water Depths
Harvesting Cranberries Harvesting Cranberries
Men Harvesting Potatoes Men Harvesting Potatoes
Cranberry Harvesting Cranberry Harvesting
Cotton Harvest Cotton Harvest
Strawberry Field Strawberry Field
Cotton Field Being Sprayed Cotton Field Being Sprayed
Stalk Puller Attachment Stalk Puller Attachment
Sugarcane Being Harvested Sugarcane Being Harvested
Combine Grain Flow Sensor Combine Grain Flow Sensor
Herbicide Herbicide
Tractor Drawn Stalk Puller Tractor Drawn Stalk Puller
Corn Harvest Corn Harvest
Planting Foxtail Millet Planting Foxtail Millet
Nozzleless Sprayer Nozzleless Sprayer
Biodiesel Tractors Biodiesel Tractors
Weed Control Weed Control
Harvesting Sugarcane Harvesting Sugarcane
Man Riding a Tractor Man Riding a Tractor
Tractor Driver Tractor Driver
Farming Tools Farming Tools
Hillhouse, Mississippi Delta Cooperative Farm Hillhouse, Mississippi Delta Cooperative Farm
Threshing of Oats Threshing of Oats
Irrigation Pump Irrigation Pump
Cultivating a Potato Field Cultivating a Potato Field
Hay Derrick Hay Derrick
Rainfall Simulator Rainfall Simulator

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