About Us

Image Envision was founded in January of 2006. Our mission is to provide publishers, designers, advertisers and anyone else that needs high quality historical and contemporary stock photographs, illustrations, and clipart.

Our library grows daily and currently includes architectural marvels, American Presidents and First Ladies, Uncle Sam, Rosie the Riveter as well as real riveters, vintage and current military, and thousands of other miscelaneous images.

How we started: After years of witnessing artists being screwed by agencies and at the begging of artists themselves, we decided to do something different; start a company that's ABOUT supporting the artists, not about making a quick buck. We aren't about lowballing our artists and paying them half a cent for each download, outsourcing jobs to save money so we have more in our own pockets, degrading artists by treating them like dirt, etc. We are here because the artists ASKED us to be and we take this industry VERY seriously. Our business is unique because we let the artist pick their own pricing. This means that they make what they need to, rather than make what they are TOLD they will make, such as other sites do.

We want you to purchase from us and we want you to come back again. If you have any questions, or want to take advantage of our free photo research, please feel free to contact us.