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Free Picture: The British Surrendering Their Arms to Gen. Washington at York T

Free Picture of The British Surrendering Their Arms to Gen. Washington at York T

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Black and white engraved image by Tanner, Vallance, Kearny & Co. & William Allen after John Francis Renault, 1819 depicting the British surrendering their arms to Gen. Washington after their defeat at YorkTown in Virginia October 1781. British officers on the right, with Cornwallis presenting his sword, and French and American officers, center and left, with George Washington holding his hat in his left hand. Officers identified, from left: "Lincoln, Rochambeau, Hamilton, Washington, Knox, De Lauzen, Nelson, La Fayette, Tarleton, Cornwallis, Abercrombie, O'Hara, Symmonds, Dundas, [and] Chewton." Allegorical scene on the right, behind the British, showing discord, a female figure, wearing liberty cap and floating on clouds, sends lightning bolts to up-end people and a chariot; on the left, behind American and French officers, prosperity stands next to cornucopia, with Justice and others in attendance, next to a tall pillar topped with Liberty holding staff with liberty cap.

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