Picture of a Canebreak Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) #15967

#15967 Picture of a Canebreak Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) by JVPD
Royalty-free animal stock photo of a Canebreak Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus). This snake has MANY common names: Timber rattlesnake, banded rattlesnake, rattlesnake, American viper, bastard rattlesnake, black rattlesnake, canebreaker, cane rattler, canebreak rattlesnake, canebreak rattler, chevron rattler, common rattlesnake, common (timber) rattlesnake, eastern rattlesnake, great yellow rattlesnake, mountain rattlesnake, mountain timber rattler, North American (horrid) rattlesnake, northern banded rattlesnake, northern rattlesnake, pit viper, rattlesnake of the bottomlands, rock rattlesnake, Seminole rattler, small rattlesnake, swamp rattler, southern banded rattlesnake, velvet tail, velvet-tail rattler, yellowish brown rattlesnake, yellow rattlesnake. [0003-0709-1212-4061] by 0003

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