Florideae or Red Algae #6858

#6858 Florideae or Red Algae by JVPD
Florideae image of red algae from Ernst Haeckel’s Kunstformen der Natur, 1904. This image features the following: Chondrus crispus, Amansia glomera, Constantinea rosamarina, Ptilota serrata, Ptilota densa, Rissonella verruculosa, Delesseria involvens, Delesseria sanguinea, Nemastoma cervicorne, Solieria chordalis, Binderella neglecta. [0003-0703-0419-3133] by 0003

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algae, amansia glomera, binderella neglecta, chondrus crispus, constantinea rosamarina, delesseria involvens, delesseria sanguinea, ernst haeckel, florideae, florideophyceae, kunstformen der natur, nemastoma cervicorne, ptilota densa, ptilota serrata, red algae, rissonella verruculosa, solieria chordalis



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