Stock Illustration of a Group Of Jockeys On Their Horses #41338

#41338 Stock Illustration of a Group Of Jockeys On Their Horses by JVPD
Royalty-free stock illustration of a group of jockeys on their horses; Shauer on Linden, Whyburn on Barnum, William Hayward on The Bard, Godfrey on Prince Royal, Garrison on Firenzi, Littlefield on Gorgo, Barnes on Proctor Knott, Murphy on Emperor of Norfolk, Fitzpatrick on French Park, James McLaughlin on Hanover, Hamilton on Exile, Taylor on Favor, Martin on Diablo, Covington on Little Minch, c 1889.

Photo Credit: C. L. Zellinsky / Currier & Ives / LOC / [0003-0902-1214-4762] by 0003

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