Historical Military Stock Photo of the Generals of the Confederate Army #20119

#20119 Historical Military Stock Photo of the Generals of the Confederate Army by JVPD
Royalty-free historical stock photo of the Generals of the Confederate Army, c 1879. Seen here are Brigadier-General John Hartman Morgan, Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest, General Albert Sidney Johnston, Lieutenant General Wade Hampton, General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, Lieutenant General Sterling Price, Lieutenant General Ambrose Powell Hill, General Braxton Bragg, Lieutenant General Leonidas Polk, Lieutenant General James Ewell Brown Stuart, General Joseph Eggleston Johnston, Lieutenant General John Brown Gordon, Lieutenant General Richard Stoddert Ewell, Jefferson Davis, General Robert Edward Lee, and Lieutenant General Thomas Jonathan Jackson. [0003-0712-1910-5216] by 0003

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