Oil Drillers Using Tongs #5790

#5790 Oil Drillers Using Tongs by JVPD
Photo of oil drillers using tongs, 1944. America's petroleum industries pour out fuel and lubricants for the United Nations. At an oil well in the U.S. Southwest state of Oklahoma, oil drillers are using tools called "tongs" which are clamped on the drill stem to screw on a new section of stem or to unscrew the stem, section by section, after the drilling far below the earth's surface is finished. This procedure is common in modern rotary drilling for oil . The well pictured here is being drilled by a "wildcat" organization of drillers, which means they are formed in a group independent of any of the great oil companies. The well, if successful, will contribute to the vast quantity of oil being poured overseas to the U.S. armed forces and the United Nations for the successful waging of the war. The predictable total of U.S. oil production in 1944, according to a U.S. oil company official, is 1,601,2500,000 barrels produced by thousands of wells such as this one. Some U.S. oilwells today are drilled to a depth of three miles (4.8 kilometers) underground. [0003-0702-1621-1955] by 0003

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