Picture of a Dog Posing in Front of an Old Car With Hunted and Killed Coyotes and a Bobcat #15549

#15549 Picture of a Dog Posing in Front of an Old Car With Hunted and Killed Coyotes and a Bobcat by JVPD
Black and white photograph of Illegal Wildlife Trade. Here you see a group of hunted and killed wild animals (coyotes and bobcat) displayed as tropies on the hood of an old 1930’s era car, a spaniel dog proudly posing in front of the scene, Webb County, Texas. This 1930’s-era roadster and its tableau of coyotes and other Southwest mammals represents a single day’s catch from a Webb County, Texas, trap line. A Federal game agent, operating undercover in 1937 under the guise of a research mammalogist from Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History, discovered this cache while investigating the reported smuggling of quail into the United States from Mexico. The illegal trade in wildlife in this region has always been a problem for the United States and Mexico; in 1936, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act implemented a convention between the two nations for the protection of migratory birds and game mammals. Migratory bird import and export restrictions between the countries also were authorized, and the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture was required to consider U.S. laws forbidding the import of mammals injurious to agricultural and horticultural interests in issuing regulations under this legislation. [0003-0709-0713-3844] by 0003

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