Stock Photo of John F Kennedy Receiving a Mariner 2 Model, 1961 #1348

#1348 Stock Photo of John F Kennedy Receiving a Mariner 2 Model, 1961 by JVPD
Black and white royalty-free stock photo of Dr. William H. Pickering, (center) JPL Director, presenting Mariner spacecraft model to President John F. Kennedy, (right), January 1st 1961. NASA Administrator James Webb is standing directly behind the Mariner model. The Mariner 2 probe flew by Venus in 1962 after the failure of Mariner 1, sending back data on its atmosphere, mass, and weather patterns. It stopped transmitting in 1963 after delivering a wealth of scientific information.

Photo Credit: NASA [0003-0612-0811-1725] by 0003

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