12 Royalty-free Victorian St Paddys Day Cartoons in this Clipart Illustration Collection

All 12 images below are available to download immediately after purchasing the royalty-free image license which is listed below the image samples. All of these images are high quality (300 dpi) and available as RGB JPEGs. Three different sizes are available; small (sm), medium (md), and large (lg).
Clip Art of Ross Castle Framed With White And Golden Clovers, Killarney, Ireland
sm:514 x 385 px
md:1028 x 771 px
lg:2056 x 1542 px
Clip Art of Two Irish Men With Their Pipes Connected, Shaking Hands
sm:680 x 430 px
md:1360 x 860 px
lg:2721 x 1721 px
Clip Art of an Irish Couple Dancing And Dressed In Green
sm:645 x 411 px
md:1290 x 822 px
lg:2580 x 1645 px
Clip Art of a Boy And Girl Dressed In Green, Sitting In Chairs And Facing Each Other
sm:637 x 410 px
md:1275 x 820 px
lg:2550 x 1640 px
Clip Art of an Irish Woman Dressed In Green, Looking Back And Holding An Irish Flag
sm:403 x 667 px
md:806 x 1335 px
lg:1613 x 2670 px
Clip Art of an Innocent Irish Angel With Wings, Catching Clovers In Her Gown
sm:450 x 715 px
md:900 x 1430 px
lg:1800 x 2860 px
Clip Art of an Irish Girl Carrying A Small Potted Plant
sm:415 x 645 px
md:830 x 1290 px
lg:1661 x 2580 px
Clip Art of Green And Gilded Clovers Around A Scene Of Blarney Castle, Ireland
sm:408 x 641 px
md:817 x 1282 px
lg:1635 x 2565 px
Clip Art of a Vintage Victorian Irish Woman Holding A Flag, Circa 1903
sm:450 x 592 px
md:901 x 1185 px
lg:1802 x 2370 px
Clip Art of an Old Weir Bridge Over A River In Killarney, Ireland
sm:660 x 400 px
md:1320 x 800 px
lg:2640 x 1600 px
Clip Art of a Leprechaun Isirh Man Wearing Green, Holding Up A Clover And Standing In A Shamrock Plant
sm:411 x 652 px
md:823 x 1305 px
lg:1646 x 2610 px
Vintage Clip Art of Ladies Riding On Wagon, Framed By A Horseshoe And Clovers
sm:627 x 908 px
md:1255 x 1816 px
lg:2510 x 3633 px