Group of Retired Seniors Sitting on a Couch Clipart #14765

#14765 Group of Retired Seniors Sitting on a Couch Clipart by DJArt
Clipart of threee old people seated on a mustard colored couch. From left to right: Senior woman with gray hair, wearing a red dress, red slippers, her hand on her knee, facing the man next to her; senior and balding caucasian man in a green suit and mismatched slippers, one pink, one purple, his hands on his knees; senior caucasian woman with white hair, slouching, wearing a green shirt and skirt and red shoes. There are purple lamps behind them. This symbolizes either a family, old couple with their grandma, or a group of retired people not sure what to do with their time. [0012-0709-0413-4316] by 0012

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