Pilgrims and Native Americans at Thanksgiving Clipart #13080

#13080 Pilgrims and Native Americans at Thanksgiving Clipart by DJArt
Clipart of a group of 7 pilgrims facing a group of 7 Native American Indians against shadows of homes and tipis. From left to right; pilgrim man carrying a rifle, prepared to shoot, pilgrim boy, pilgrim girl, two pilgrim women, one holding a pot, another pilgrim man holding a rifle, one hand up in the air, then another pilgrim man holding out a dead turkey as an offering to the Natives, a Native man with his hand up in greeting, wearing feathers in his hair and arrows on his back, a bow at his side, a Native boy, another native man carrying an axe, native mother carrying a baby on her back, a girl walking beside her and another woman in the back. [0012-0708-0622-4064] by 0012

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