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Free Medicine Pictures   1-21

Doctor Assisting a Child Doctor Assisting a Child
Finishing Cotton Gauze Finishing Cotton Gauze
Medicine Show in 1935 Medicine Show in 1935
Doctor Inspecting a Child Doctor Inspecting a Child
Woman Being Autopsied Woman Being Autopsied
Operating Room, OR Operating Room, OR
Operating Room Operating Room
Medical Class Medical Class
Anesthesia Anesthesia
Doctor and Nurses During Surgery Doctor and Nurses During Surgery
Anesthesia Demonstration Anesthesia Demonstration
Amputating a Soldier’s Leg Amputating a Soldier’s Leg
Leg Operation Leg Operation
Amputating Foot Amputating Foot
Arm Operation Arm Operation
Leg Surgery Leg Surgery
Saving a Rabbit Saving a Rabbit
Woman Pouring Medicine Woman Pouring Medicine
Antique Pocket Medicine Kit Antique Pocket Medicine Kit
Person Standing In Front of a Drug Repository Person Standing In Front of a Drug Repository
Extract Const. Amend Extract Const. Amend

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