Royalty-free Stock Photo/Illustration Americana Collection

All 46 images below are available to download immediately after purchasing the royalty-free image license which is listed below the image samples. All of these images are high quality (300 dpi) and available as RGB JPEGs. Three different sizes are available; small (sm), medium (md), and large (lg).
Photo of School Students in Bleachers, Forming the American Flag in 1910
sm:750 x 563 px
md:1500 x 1127 px
lg:3000 x 2254 px
Photo of a Woman, Portrayed as Lady Liberty, Holding a Sword and American Flag
sm:765 x 1000 px
md:1530 x 2000 px
lg:3061 x 4000 px
Photo of a Patriotic Boy Leaning an American Flag Pole on His Chest, Clenching His Fists
sm:788 x 1500 px
md:1576 x 3000 px
lg:3153 x 6000 px
Picture of Uncle Sam and Military Troops
sm:540 x 750 px
md:1081 x 1500 px
lg:2163 x 3000 px
Picture of Remember December 7th!
sm:594 x 875 px
md:1188 x 1750 px
lg:2377 x 3500 px
Picture of a WAC Woman With American Flag
sm:563 x 875 px
md:1127 x 1750 px
lg:2254 x 3500 px
Picture of Soldiers Saluting the American Flag
sm:747 x 1125 px
md:1494 x 2250 px
lg:2989 x 4500 px
Stock Image of th Fate of the Rebel Flag
sm:1125 x 761 px
md:2250 x 1523 px
lg:4500 x 3046 px
Picture of Columbia on an Eagle, Holding Flag, Followed by Airplanes
sm:881 x 1250 px
md:1762 x 2500 px
lg:3525 x 5000 px
Picture of a Woman Carrying the Star Spangled Banner
sm:553 x 750 px
md:1106 x 1500 px
lg:2212 x 3000 px
Picture of The Birth of Old Glory, Betsy Ross Flag
sm:750 x 566 px
md:1500 x 1132 px
lg:3000 x 2265 px
Picture of Betsy Ross Sewing the Betsy Ross Flag
sm:505 x 750 px
md:1011 x 1500 px
lg:2022 x 3000 px
Picture of Bald Eagle on the Globe
sm:870 x 1000 px
md:1741 x 2000 px
lg:3482 x 4000 px
Picture of a Sailor Hoisting Flag
sm:669 x 1000 px
md:1339 x 2000 px
lg:2678 x 4000 px
Our Heaven Born Banner
sm:1250 x 842 px
md:2500 x 1685 px
lg:5000 x 3370 px
Stock Photography of a Young Patriotic Woman With a Blue Triangle and American Flag on a Vintage Patriotic League WWI Poster
sm:738 x 1000 px
md:1476 x 2000 px
lg:2952 x 4000 px
Stock Photography of an American Flag and Bald Eagle on a Blank Scroll For the Roll of Honor
sm:853 x 1250 px
md:1707 x 2500 px
lg:3414 x 5000 px
Historical Stock Photography: Abraham Lincoln Holding the Rope to an American Flag
sm:607 x 1000 px
md:1215 x 2000 px
lg:2430 x 4000 px
Stock Photography: George Washington on Horseback at Valley Forge
sm:1000 x 727 px
md:2000 x 1455 px
lg:4000 x 2911 px
Stock Picture of Astronaut Buzz Aldrin by an American Flag on the Moon
sm:750 x 750 px
md:1500 x 1500 px
lg:3000 x 3000 px
Photo of Uncle Sam Standing Beside the American Flag, 1898
sm:493 x 625 px
md:987 x 1250 px
lg:1975 x 2500 px
Picture of American Flag Day in 1917
sm:635 x 1000 px
md:1270 x 2000 px
lg:2540 x 4000 px
Picture of Marines Raising the American Flag
sm:671 x 1000 px
md:1343 x 2000 px
lg:2687 x 4000 px
Picture of Marines With Flags and Weapons in a Jungle
sm:987 x 1250 px
md:1974 x 2500 px
lg:3948 x 5000 px
Picture of an American Flag For Military Recruiting
sm:927 x 1250 px
md:1854 x 2500 px
lg:3708 x 5000 px
Picture of Raising the Flag at Iwo Jima
sm:537 x 750 px
md:1075 x 1500 px
lg:2151 x 3000 px
Picture of Men Holding a Flag After a Funeral Ceremony
sm:1000 x 666 px
md:2000 x 1333 px
lg:4000 x 2667 px
Picture of a Folded National Ensign
sm:1125 x 750 px
md:2250 x 1500 px
lg:4500 x 3000 px
Picture of People Viewing Manhattan From a Ship
sm:1250 x 843 px
md:2500 x 1686 px
lg:5000 x 3373 px
Picture of Parachuting With an American Flag
sm:375 x 525 px
md:750 x 1050 px
lg:1500 x 2100 px
Picture of a Parachute With American Flag
sm:535 x 750 px
md:1071 x 1500 px
lg:2143 x 3000 px
Picture of Sailors With American Flag
sm:750 x 535 px
md:1500 x 1071 px
lg:3000 x 2143 px
Picture of General Ulysses S Grant
sm:1330 x 1500 px
md:2661 x 3000 px
lg:5322 x 6000 px
Picture of Fontinelle Weller Holding Flag
sm:767 x 875 px
md:1535 x 1750 px
lg:3070 x 3500 px
Evacuation of New York by the British
sm:430 x 750 px
md:861 x 1500 px
lg:1723 x 3000 px
Clip Art Graphic of the 13 White Stars Circling Over Blue In The Corner Of The Red And White Striped Betsy Ross American Flag
sm:1574 x 1050 px
md:3148 x 2100 px
lg:6297 x 4200 px
First in the Fight. Always Faithful. Be a U.S. Marine!
sm:575 x 875 px
md:1150 x 1750 px
lg:2300 x 3500 px
Picture of Rosie The Riveter Flexing Her Arm Muscles, We Can Do It!
sm:772 x 1000 px
md:1545 x 2000 px
lg:3091 x 4000 px
Stock Photography of Uncle Sam Pointing Outwards, I Want You, Isolated on White
sm:805 x 1000 px
md:1611 x 2000 px
lg:3223 x 4000 px
Stock Photography of a Vintage Navy War Recruiting Poster of a Blue Uncle Sam in Pointing Outwards, Isolated on White
sm:923 x 1250 px
md:1846 x 2500 px
lg:3693 x 5000 px
Stock Photo of We Can Do It! Rosie the Riveter
sm:772 x 1000 px
md:1545 x 2000 px
lg:3091 x 4000 px
Picture of the Liberty Enlightening the World
sm:437 x 625 px
md:874 x 1250 px
lg:1749 x 2500 px
Uncle Sam, Volunteer, and Choose Your Own Branch of the Service
sm:1128 x 1500 px
md:2257 x 3000 px
lg:4514 x 6000 px
Stock Photography of a Vintage War Poster of Uncle Sam in Blue, Pointing Outwards, I Want You in the Navy and I Want You Now
sm:923 x 1250 px
md:1846 x 2500 px
lg:3693 x 5000 px
I Want You For The US Army Uncle Sam Picture
sm:550 x 875 px
md:1100 x 1750 px
lg:2201 x 3500 px
Uncle Sam - I Want You For US Army
sm:626 x 875 px
md:1252 x 1750 px
lg:2505 x 3500 px