Picture of a Child with Kwashiorkor Disease from Severe Dietary Protein Deficiency #6769

#6769 Picture of a Child with Kwashiorkor Disease from Severe Dietary Protein Deficiency by KAPD
This late 1960s photograph shows a seated, listless child, (see also PHIL ID# 6902), who was among many kwashiorkor cases found in Nigerian relief camps during the Nigerian-Biafran war.

Kwashiorkor is a disease brought on due to a severe dietary protein deficiency, and this child, whose diet fit such a deficiency profile, presented with symptoms including edema of legs and feet, light-colored, thinning hair, anemia, a pot-belly, and shiny skin. A large number of relief camps were established for nutrition assessment and feeding operations for the local villagers around the war zone.

This image was provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Dr. Lyle Conrad. [0004-0702-2723-5312] by 0004

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