Royalty-Free Medicine Historical Stock Photographs - Page 1

  1. #8372 Picture Of A Doctor Inspecting A Child
    Doctor Inspecting A Child
  2. #8371 Picture Of A Woman Being Autopsied
    Woman Being Autopsied
  3. #8369 Picture Of An Operating Room
    Operating Room
  4. #8365 Picture Of An Anesthesia Demonstration
    Anesthesia Demonstration
  5. #8363 Picture Of A Leg Operation
    Leg Operation
  6. #8359 Picture Of Saving A Rabbit
    Saving A Rabbit
  7. #8370 Picture Of An Operating Room Or
    Operating Room Or
  8. #8368 Picture Of A Medical Class
    Medical Class
  9. #8364 Picture Of Amputating A Soldier’S Leg
    Amputating A SoldierS Leg