Oil Less Sand and Oily Sand #5792

#5792 Oil Less Sand and Oily Sand by JVPD
Black and white photo of a person holding oil less sand in one hand and oily sand in the other. America's petroleum industries pour out fuel and lubricants for the United Nations. A geology expert of one of the large oil companies U.S. displays two varieties of sand from an oil drilling district. The hand on the left holds dry, oil-less sand, while the one on the right holds sand rich and dark with oil. The latter oil-soaked sand, called "Simpson sand," is the goal of all seekers of oil and finding the sand in a test-boring indicates that is a well is sunk at that place the chances of "striking" oil are good. No longer do oilwell drillers in the U.S. rely on "hit or miss" methods of drilling for oil. Geologists make careful surveys of the surface of the ground to detect those geological characteristics which indicate the presence of oil deposits beneath. The industry's high efficiency has resulted in the production of enormous quantities of oil, a great part of which today propels and lubricates the planes, navies, and mechanized equipment of the United Nations' armed forces. [0003-0702-1621-2217] by 0003

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