Geologist Surveying #5791

#5791 Geologist Surveying by JVPD
America's petroleum industries pour out fuel and lubricants for the United Nations. A geologist, employed by one of the important U.S. oil companies, surveys, with the help of his "rod man" standing on the ridge in the background, a section of land to detect the presence of a possible oil deposit under the ground. "Hit or miss" methods of drilling for oil were discarded long ago in the United States. Today careful preliminary surveys and test borings precede the sinking of most oil wells. Geology experts of the important oil companies are able as a rule to read the surface of the ground accurately for the detection of oil deposits. The industry's efficient methods of finding oil have resulted in the enormous amounts of oil produced. According to a U.S. oil company official, the predictable U.S. oil total for the year 1944 will be 1,601,250,000 barrels, a great part of which will supply the armed forces of the United Nations. [0003-0702-1621-2131] by 0003

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