Historical Stock Photography of a Male Worker Sterilizing Beverage Containers, 1942 #21432

#21432 Historical Stock Photography of a Male Worker Sterilizing Beverage Containers, 1942 by JVPD
Royalty-free historical industrial black and white people stock photo of a male worker making beverage containers, Firestone, Akron, Ohio, 1942. Conversion. Beverage containers to aviation oxygen cylinders. Removing of non-shatter-chemical solution tank at a rubber factory now producing metal essential for the Army. This bath, which follows the removal of the weld scale, gives the inside of the cylinder a further cleaning and removes all chemicals which may remain from the previous operation. A satin-like surface, absolutely sterile and free from foreign matter, is made permanent in this operation. The cylinder is now also immune to attack from corrosion and other deteriorating elements. [0003-0801-2320-2258] by 0003

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