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Free Dwelling Pictures   1-35

Swiss House Near Mountains Swiss House Near Mountains
Lapp Family, Norway Lapp Family, Norway
Wichita Dwelling, Grass House Wichita Dwelling, Grass House
Wichita Indian Grass House Interior Wichita Indian Grass House Interior
Mandan Indian Earthen Lodge Mandan Indian Earthen Lodge
Colville Agency Colville Agency
Tepee of Sai-ar Tepee of Sai-ar
Chief Charlot With Family Chief Charlot With Family
Flathead Camp, Jocko River Flathead Camp, Jocko River
Mono Indian Dwelling Mono Indian Dwelling
Tule Shelter Tule Shelter
Paiute Indian Group Paiute Indian Group
Pomo Indian Woman Cooking Acorns Pomo Indian Woman Cooking Acorns
Paiute Indian Family Paiute Indian Family
Klamath Tule Hut Klamath Tule Hut
Cahuilla Dwelling Cahuilla Dwelling
Hupa Sweat House Hupa Sweat House
Diegueno House Diegueno House
Chemehuevi Dwelling Chemehuevi Dwelling
Inuit Eskimos With Igloo Inuit Eskimos With Igloo
Modern Chemehuevi Dwelling Modern Chemehuevi Dwelling
Cupeno House Cupeno House
Aleut Barbaras Aleut Barbaras
Barabaras Barabaras
Eskimo Igloo Eskimo Igloo
Canyon de Chelly Canyon de Chelly
Mummy Case, Canyon del Muerte Mummy Case, Canyon del Muerte
Eskimo Cliff Dweller Settlement Eskimo Cliff Dweller Settlement
Encampment on Pisgah Encampment on Pisgah
Bedouins Storytelling Bedouins Storytelling
Bedouin Home Bedouin Home
Bedouins Camp Bedouins Camp
Eskimo Camp Eskimo Camp
Yurt Interior Yurt Interior
Oregon Coast Yurt Oregon Coast Yurt

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