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Free Picture: Guy Popping a Blackhead of Pimple On His Face

Free Picture of Guy Popping a Blackhead of Pimple On His Face

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Picture of a young Caucasian guy popping a blackhead or pimple on the cheek of his face with his pointer fingers.

Can popping pimples scar my skin?
Some say popping a pimple can scar your skin, others say it cant scar your skin. I think that gently squeezing pimples that are at the surface of your skin and white will not lead to scarring. However, trying to squeeze and pop a pimple that is still below the surface may lead to scaring.

How do you pop a pimple?
1. Take a warm or hot shower or bath to soften your skin. Wash your face to remove oils and makeup.
2. Wash your hands to prevent the spreading of germs and infecting the pimple or pimples.
3. Sterilize a needle by running it through a hot flame, a dirty needle will most likely cause a infection and may make your pimple bigger.
4. Gently poke or prick the tip of your pimple with the needle and take a clean tissue or piece of toilet paper and wrap it around your fingers.
5. Gently apply pressure to the sides of the pimple to ease out the pus. Stop when blood or clear fluid comes out.

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