Overweight Family Eating Dinner at a Table Clipart #14770

#14770 Overweight Family Eating Dinner at a Table Clipart by DJArt
Clipart of a chubby caucasian family eating dinner. Here you see the two parents at the ends of the table, their two children between them on one side of the table. All are eating mashed potatoes and gravy, peas and chicken drumsticks. There are glasses and salt and pepper shakers on the tabletop. From left to right; almost bald man in a long sleeved blue shirt, blue pants and tan shoes; blond girl in a pink shirt, holding her spoon and fork in front of her; brown haired boy in a tan shirt; woman in a red dress holding a glass and scooping mashed potatoes. [0012-0709-0413-4528] by 0012

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